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Strawberry Rose Quartz - Healing Heartache

Strawberry Rose Quartz from Madagascar has a deep pink color. Like the lighter version, these crystals have a very loving, high-frequency vibration that helps you remember unconditional love. These dark species work somewhat more directly and deeper. They have a deep loving energy that helps you to love yourself and to forgive yourself, it teaches you to live with an open heart and with the knowledge that everything can be healed.

Strawberries Rose Quartz gives confidence and brings harmony. Also, these crystals are very good at stress and fatigue and heal anger, guilt and jealousy. They balance all your bodies, both the etheric, the physical and the emotional. These crystals also help you to live full of joy and pleasure and promote romance in relationships. It is said that they were used in ceremonies in Atlantis and Lemuria. If you meditate with it you can get information of incarnations from these periods. Also, these crystals help us remember that we are Star Beings. They bring you into a whirl of remembering. The Universal Love they carry is the cosmic libraries from which you can get all the information that is needed. They are connected to the pink ray, the Universal Love Field that belongs to Mary Magdalene, Quan Yin and Isis and the female goddesses, who can help you in the processing of any primal traumas.

Healing Properties of Silver & Copper

Pendant height: 5.7 cm

Pendant width: 3.2 cm

Necklace lenght: can be personalized

Made of Strawberry Rose Quarts and Silverfilled Copperwire.

Healing Properties of Silver & Copper

💫 Return to your Light Essence 💫

The Jewelry I make are made from before the zero-point. The zero point is the quantum state with the lowest energy possible (a vacuum state). It contains no physical particles and is the energy of the basic state. It is the state before creation, where everything is created from.

By returning to zero-point, we can reset and erase every program, because here, they never existed. We can get access to the Divine Blueprint of your Soul.  My Creation will help you remember and reconnect to your Original Self, the Divine Blueprint of the Soul, your Light Essence.

I go into Ceremony with the crystals and charge them with healing frequencies, the intention for the wearer to return through the zero-state, to the Light Essence, being freed from attachments, to stand in your power and truth. To be guided from inside and provide more clarity in every area of your life. Each of them are encoded with energies needed for you personally.

I have contact with many Light Beings. And so, through me, the Jewelry gets encoded with energies of Lemuria, many high evolved beings from other worlds, Arcturian Wisdom, Pleiadian Energy, Rainbow Peace Energy and other beautiful Earth and Star Beings. I receive New Energies and Updates all the time, as the vibration of the Earth is rising rapidly. Even while your are wearing your piece, I will continue updating them with New Codes. To return to living from the Heart, as we were originally created. 

That you will remember who you are. From that knowing, knowing your why you are here. And with Great Joy, Ease and Grace being in service by doing what you Love. For all beings to be Happy. For a Deeper Understanding, Kosmic Alignment and Devotion and so be freed from all suffering.

Kosmic Divine Infinite Unconditional Compassionate Love.


Please let me know if you have any questions and I will get in contact with you as soon as I can. (Please also mention the crystal) 

I also make custom jewelry with your favorite crystal!

*) Pendant and crystal descriptions, meanings, uses and healing properties are intended as spiritual enhancers and are in no way guaranteed. They are not to be considered medical advice or implemented in lieu of professional treatment.