Joyce Rainbow Music

Songs from the Heart

Singing gives me the freedom to express who I am; Exploring and channeling energies without restrictions; Connecting with different places and spaces while listening and echoing the voices that wish to speak; Tuning in to frequencies and the ancestors that merge with me.
As I silence the mind, I feel the power of free-flowing creative consciousness that dissolves into creative energy. It gives me the sense of unconditionally loving myself and sharing this feeling so that I may transfer the unconditional divine love and energy that I feel with you. In doing so, I bring your full attention to the presence.
Through concentrating simply on sound, I will bring you into the now, where everything else ceases to exist. Here is where healing can take place; In full awareness of your essence and bodily feelings. The journey inwards begins in this space; As I listen to my soul and let it speak through a song that can bring you into the remembrance, through your own recognition, of becoming one; Where no ego can be found.
This is the unique expressions of my essence, allowing spirit to speak. Every sound is my song. Played to me as I hear my voice, echoing through eternity. In every cell, all the empty space comes back to me. Making music is coming home, inside myself, vibrating with my own presence. Presenting it to you through a journey with sound, as channeled through stillness and divine expression to bring about healing in the present awareness of the now, through the connection to all present in your essence.