Huri Nuku Jewelry

Handmade, Encoded, Imprinted & Energized

Mexican Rainbow Obsidian - Healing Emotional Wounds

Obsidian is lustrous volcanic glass; molten lava that cooled so quickly it had no time to crystallize. Obsidian has no boundaries or limitations, as a result works extremely fast and with great power. Obsidian is truth-enhancing, merciless in exposing flaws, weaknesses and blockages – nothing can be hidden. Obsidian identifies the source of destructive and dis-empowering conditions, showing us how to grow and lend solid support to others in the same situation. Obsidian needs careful handling as it can bring negative emotions and unpleasant truth rushing to the surface. Obsidian provides deep soul healing, facilitates going into past lives to heal festering emotions or trauma that have been carried forward into the present. Obsidian is a strongly protective stone, forming a shield against negativity, provides a grounding cord from the base chakra to the center of the earth. Obsidian absorbs negative energies from the environment, blocks psychic attacks and removes negative spiritual influences. Obsidian brings clarity to the mind, confidence and ease while anchoring the spirit into the body and stimulating growth on all levels.

Pendant height: 5,4 cm

Pendant width: 2,9 cm

Necklace length: 18, 20, 22 or 24 inch

Each pendant comes with a free Silver-plated chain, also 100% Sterling Silver chains are available.

Made of Rainbow Obsidian & Silverfilled Copperwire.

๐ŸŒŽ๐Ÿ’ž Return to your Light Essence ๐Ÿ’ž๐ŸŒ

ย ย  The Jewelry I make are made from before the zero-point. The zero point is the quantum state with the lowest energy possible (a vacuum state). It contains no physical particles and is the energy of the basic state.

Before the zero point is the Divine Blueprint. My Creation will help you remember and reconnect to your Original Self, the Pure Self. And to provide access to Remember and Return to your Light Essence.

I go into Ceremony with the crystals and charge them with healing frequencies, the intention for the wearer to return to the zero-state, being freed from attachments, to stand in you power and truth. To be guided and provide more clarity in every area of your life. Each of them are encoded with energies for you personally.

While making Jewelry I am connected with many Light Beings. And so, they also get encoded with energies of Lemuria, many high evolved beings from other worlds, Arcturian Wisdom, Pleiadian Energy, Rainbow Energy and beautiful Earth beings and many more. They help me to personalize energies for you. To return to living from the Heart, as we were originally created.ย 

That you will remember who you are. From that knowing, knowing your purpose. And with Great Joy and Grace being in service by doing what you Love. For all beings to be Happy. For a deeper understanding, Kosmic Alignment and Service and so be freed from all suffering.

Kosmic Divine Infinite Unconditional Compassionate Love.


Please let me know if you are interested and I will get in contact with you as soon as I can.

*) Pendant and crystal descriptions, meanings, uses and healing properties are intended as spiritual enhancers and are in no way guaranteed. They are not to be considered medical advice or implemented in lieu of professional treatment.