Maori Zero-Point Protocol

Do you have entities in you home / energy field?

Or would you like to get rid of energies of the environment / energetic attachments?

Removes all entities, attachments

– Puts the energy back to zero-point in all dimensions

– Creates a safe and Sealed space where no energy can come in or out

– Obviously more peace in your home, lightness and free of thoughts




1. Water Cleansing Maori Protocol

2. Protective Seal with Kotahara Crystal Sand

3. Log-in to anchor in the zero-point, anchored in all dimensions

4. Cleansing Glass Protocol, participant gets a personal message from the tree that purifies the energy.

I am very pleased to endorse my very good friend Master Huri Nuku /Joyce Rainbow... And this work service she is offering.... This mastery is of a very high vibrational energy frequency modality to be the very apex of all protocols. She is the real deal.
Master Mauta Kumara - aka Dane Ngahuka
Mauta Kumara
Maori Shaman / New Zealand

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