Huri Nuku Jewelry

Encoded, Imprinted & Energized

Blue Aragonite - Encoded & Energized Silver Necklace

Blue Aragonite is a soft, earthing stone and works earth healing. The blue color comes from the copper that is in it, this is connected to the planet Venus so the stone has a strong but soft feminine feeling. Blue Aragonite is very valuable for the ascension process, it helps you to go more with life and not to oppose your growth, even if it is accelerating. The stone softens feelings and emotions, it is a gentle force that lets you feel various angelic connections. The stone carries the higher energy of the element water and thus helps you in your emotional, spiritual growth. This energy also helps you to let go of old thinking and dogma and to rely more on the divine direction. The stone makes you soft and open and receptive and has a positive influence on the inner child. On a physical level, the stone cleans your entire water system. This crystal is strongly connected with Gaia’s dream, the paradise on earth, so she connects your consciousness directly with it, so you can come into better contact with your own soul dream. It also helps you to live more from your feelings and to go along with the flow of life without resistance, without opposition from ego or thinking, it clears old patterns and opens you to the higher consciousness, tenderness and softness at various levels. A special and gentle crystal that stimulates you to live more from your heart and intuition, so a real new age stone.

Pendant height: 3.9 cm

Pendant width: 3 cm

Necklace lenght: 45 cm (can be personalized)

Made of Blue Aragonite, Faux leather and Silverplated wire.

🌈 Creating from before the Zero-Point 🌈

The Crystal Jewelry I make, are made from before the zero-point. The zero point is the quantum state with the lowest energy possible (a vacuum state). It contains no physical particles, and is the energy of the ground state. Before the zero-point there was the Rainbow Child. The Rainbow is before the zero-point because it’s the Blueprint. I returned to the Blueprint through the Great Seal. And now this energy is being materialized through my creations. 


🌎💞 Making this Energy available for All 💞🌏

Everyone has the potential to access the Blueprint, the original state, which is our own Divine Nature. I found this access while some are still searching for it. The source of I am – we are. My intention is to share my Jewelry so others can also carry the energy/vibration/frequency of Huri Nuku, the Spinning Rainbow. My Divine Creating will help you to remember and reconnect to the Original Self (Blueprint). I do a Ceremony with the Crystals, loading them with the Frequencies of the Huri Nuku, the Spinning Rainbow. I anchor the one intention, in all dimensions, for all beings, to return to the Rainbow Child, before the zero-point. And to provide access for all return to their Light Essence. The Crystals are loaded with the energy of the Great Ceremony “The Angel and the Sword”.


Please let me know if you are interested and I will get in contact with you as soon as I can.