I was invited to attend a Big Ceremony in Goirle/Netherlands, called The Union of An Angel. It’s intention was to unify each one fully with their Original Divine Blueprint Light Source Essence. This as a way to assist in awakening and activating the highest and purest Divine Angelic Human Potential.


At the Ceremony, I got invited by one of the Master Shamans, a powerful Bear-healer, to learn from him and the Maori Shaman from New Zealand. In this process I learned about the Ancient Wisdom of Lemuria and I started remembering rapidly more and more about who I am.
The Ancient Lemurian Wisdom has been forgotten for a long time. In New Zealand the original Wisdom of First Lemuria is still known and practiced.
I noticed these Master Shamans are very true serving light beings with pure intentions and a big heart. Just by being in their presence, I downloaded a lot of lightcodes and ancient wisdom, and much healing happened because of this recognition. Also I learned all kinds of Ancient (Lemurian & Maori) Wisdom.
I learned that there are 12 continental creatures/totemic entities. There are 4 Gates on each of the 12 continents. The intention of this journey was to visit these Gates and activate them for this is necessary for the Ascension of our Planet Earth.
On the Pyramids of Bosnia was conducted a worldwide Protocol with Masters all over the world to connect the Earth Grids.


To be part of the activation of the Angels Gate I needed to be Sealed. I had no idea what this meant rationally, but energetically I could feel these codes are very important for my Spiritual Mission. And I knew this would be a life changing day for me.
On this day, on 11.11, I received the Great Seal. My higher self got pulled into my body and my Light Essence came through.
I received the name Huri Nuku, the Spinning Rainbow, and my symbol. Since that day I’m learning more and more about what that means. Discovering more about my Light-Essence.
The Ceremonies and Protocols I did with the Shamans were amazing to experience, and I feel very very grateful and blessed to have been a part of it.
Just by being in their presence, I got many insights and went through a lot of shadow work and transformation. Because of their high vibration and evolved consciousness everything that was not light in myself got triggered. And that was a lot!
The learning, dreaming, remembering, insights and transformation went on. Integrating my Light-Essence.



Now as a part of the family, we were preparing for the next Big Ceremony, The Angel and the Sword, in Goirle/Netherlands.
At this event we transformed the old Earth Grids & personal blueprints in order to activate the One Star Chakra in us all. This Ceremonial Healing was about evolving from old paradigms so that you may access your True Light Essence.
To raise your Sword, stand for what you stand for and bring it into the world.
(The Jewelry of the Huri Nuku is loaded with the energies of this Ceremony.)


I realized I want my life to be different, with these new codes and a higher consciousness my life couldn’t continue as it was before. Because of being so in tune with my soul, I understood more and more what I want in my life.
I set new intentions, giving shape to my new life.
Crystals have always been a very important part of my life because of their different qualities and their possibility to store energies/memories.
They are living beings from the beginning of creation.
Now I have grown enormously in my energetic work, I am ready to go into a deeper connection with Crystals and work together.
From this, the insight to go make jewelry with them came into existence. I gave it a try and so I discovered my new passion.
I got to see the unfolding of this path that lies in front of me and this makes me very enthusiastic and confident about my work.


The Crystal Jewelry I make, are made from before the zero-point. The zero point is the quantum state with the lowest energy possible (a vacuum state). It contains no physical particles, and is the energy of the ground state. Before the zero-point there was the Rainbow Child.
The Rainbow is before the zero-point because it’s the Blueprint.
I returned to the Blueprint through the Great Seal.



Everyone has the potential to access the Blueprint, the original state, which is our own Divine Nature. I found this access while some are still searching for it.
The source of I am – we are.
My intention is to share my Jewelry so others can also carry the energy/vibration/frequency of Huri Nuku, the Spinning Rainbow.
My Divine Creating will help you to remember and reconnect to the Original Self (Blueprint).
I do a Ceremony with the Crystals, loading them with the Frequencies of the Huri Nuku, the Spinning Rainbow.
I anchor the one intention, in all dimensions, for all beings, to return to the Rainbow Child, before the zero-point. And to provide access for all return to their Light Essence.
The Crystals are loaded with the energy of the Great Ceremony “The Angel and the Sword”,  and various other High energy places.